Where to even begin! I have done MANY workout programs from heavy on the cardio to 6 days a week of HIIT but this was far and away the best. I started out with a goal of toning up and getting my strength and energy back after a 2 month hiatus (thanks quarantine) and my expectations were more than met! I began to once again look forward to and crush my workouts while reaping the benefits, both physical and mental. But my favorite part about @nattybow's fitness was that she checked in with me each week to see how I was doing and when I told her I didn't love something or wanted more of something, she altered the plan for the next week. She was very accomodating and really tailored it to me, my likes and dislikes, but while still pushing me to do more and do better each week. She even gave me some recommendations on what my workouts should look like after I finished my 12 week plan with her. 14/10 Can't recommend enough and will be returning once I give my body a little break!


The personalized experience that I’ve had with Nattybows Fitness has been exceptional. Every month is specifically tailored to me and how I like to workout my body. If I don’t like something, she changes it to something that works better. The weekly check-ins and monthly zoom meetings create a support system so that you feel like there is someone in your corner pushing you to work hard every week. I had never weightlifted before I started my program and now I don’t think I will ever stop. From physically making sure I’m training my body right to the mental support I need to actually get in the gym every day I’ve loved everything that this program has provided for me. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an incentive to get in the gym because the service is top notch.